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Cameroon-Guinea Promises To Be Tough

Elizabeth MOSIMA | 17-05-2017 00:21

Group A matches will again be the centre of action today in Port Gentil with the second game pitting the Cadet Lions of Cameroon against the Silly National of Guinea promising to be tough. In their first games, Cameroon suffered a humiliating 4-0 defeat from the Black Starlets of Ghana while Guinea humiliated hosts Gabon 5-1. Football lovers are therefore eager to see what will happen in the second game. Even though the Cadet Lions lost their first game they are determined to move on.
Team captain, Dyo Ngakole Christian declared that the team lacked some concentration in the first game, Cameroon put up an uninspiring performance in the first game and as the team captain later explained, they were playing against a team that is well organised and well disciplined. According the Head coach, Bertin Ebwelle, the Black Starlets of Ghana have a matured team while the Cadet Lions are playing their first outing in the international scene. With today’s encounter being a crucial one, Coach Bertin Ebwele will be counting on the talents of strikers Stephane Zobo, Bella Rosin Christian, among others. The objective according to Bertin Ebwelle is to grab their first three points to ensure a good continuation in the competition.
Guinea coach, Souleymanou Camara, on his part, said his team did its best to win the first three points. He said even though they won the first match it does not mean all has been won. He said the objective is to win the game for the continuation of the team in the competition. Attackers on both sides will be out to secure early goals in the first half to be able to win the game. This notwithstanding, the Cameroon-Guinea game will be a difficult one as each side still has a chance to move on to the second round. Also, both sides would have observed each other and put on counter strategies and look for faults on which to capitalise to win.

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