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Star Building: Upcoming Commonwealth Summit Discussed

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 13-02-2018 23:12

 Prime Minister Philemon Yang on behalf of the Head of State received the visiting United Kingdom Minister of State for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang and the visiting Minister of State for Africa at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Minister of State for International Development of the United Kingdom, Harriett Baldwin on February 13, 2018 discussed a wide range of issues, one of them being the Commonwealth Summit that will take place in London, United Kingdom  from April 19-20, 2018.
The Prime Minister Prime received the visiting United Kingdom Minister of State at the Star Building on behalf of President Paul Biya. After the discussions, Harriett Baldwin told the press that she also invited the First Lady of Cameroon to attend the Wildlife Conference on Illegal Wildlife Crime that will take place in the United Kingdom in October 2018. She is on a working visit to Cameroon from February 12-14, 2018. She also said  before leaving the Star Building that they tackled a wide range of issues and expressed thanks to the Cameroon government for the assurance that when Britain finally leaves the European Union, the two countries will continue to trade on the same favourable terms as they have been doing.
Concerning the current problems Cameroon is facing from the separatists in the English-speaking regions of the country, Harriett Baldwin said they shared experiences during the discussions. This is explained by the fact that, “In the United Kingdom, we have a long history of democratic discussion in terms of separatist movements we have had. The experience we have had with Scotland and Northern Ireland,” she said. Discussions between Prime Minister Yang and Harriet Baldwin also touched ways the United Kingdom work with Cameroon in economic development areas, as well as current and planned UK business investments in Cameroon. Discussions equally touched on collaboration to tackle the Boko Haram terrorists in the Far North Region of Cameroon.

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