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South West: Army Urges Population To Regain Villages

Kunyui NGONMENYUI | 15-04-2018 23:54

While requesting that the locals cooperate with the soldiers to denounce terrorism, the military insisted that they are there to protect the people and their property.

General René Claude Meka, Army Chief of Staff, was in the South West on April 12, 2018 to size up the security situation in the region. His visit took him to Meme Division and to the turbulent Kwakwa and its environs where he had firsthand information on how the military has been working to ensure the security of the locals and defend the national integrity. He was accompanied by four Generals and other top military officials. After making the field tours, General Sally Mohamadou indicated that the security situation in Meme, Manyu, Lebialem and Kupe Muaneguba is strictly under control. He observed that the movement of persons which could not be possible before now in the named areas, is witnessing free circulation. According to him, the visit of their boss has boosted the morale of the personnel in the field. He outlined the visiting itinerant of General René Claude Meka. “He came to see our operational disposition, our working conditions, take a look at our actions and at the end of it all, he gave firm recommendations,” the General indicated.

It was observed that the secessionists operated within the population, thus making it difficult for the military to sort them out. The military was preoccupied too by the villages on the Kumba Ekondo Titi axis that have been deserted with the inhabitants having taken residence in the forest. “All those living in the bushes should regain their villages. All security measures have been taken for their protection. We are equally asking the people to denounce acts of terrorism and cooperate with us by identifying the trouble makers,” General Toungue Elias remarked. He said that the army is a republican army and thus works for the population. As such, they go to the population and in turn the population should have confidence in the army. Before stepping foot at Kwakwa and its environ, General René Claude Meka had an indoor session with his collaborators at the Kumba Gendarmerie Company and at SOROUBATCM project site, the company charged with the tarring of the Kumba Ekondo Titi road at Small Ekombe.

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