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Slave Dancer: Audacity Of A Female Vow

Produced in 2016, the movie is a story of post-war survival.  


“Slave Dancer” is a 2016 Nigerian/Cameroonian movie thanks to a fruitful collaboration between Cameroonian actress and producer, Princess Brun Njua and veteran Nollywood producer and actor Chidi Chikere. The film is a production of an African princess whose vow to survive becomes the audacity of the tale which was shot on locations in Asaba, located in Delta State, Nigeria.

Directed by Tchidi Chikere, the film presents the Ntu kingdom which has just been wiped out by the rival and more powerful kingdom of Azi. Three of the most beautiful women in Ntu land survived the massacre and are carried into slavery by their invaders and new masters. Subdued, shared as booties of war and sex slaves among the noble men of Azi kingdom, Akalama, Nayo and Une decide they must find more creative and bitter ways of vengeance, even if it means dancing in the face of death.

The producer, Brun Njua, who played the role of Akalama, one of the captured ladies says the film was written because past history always has exciting events and great lessons to learn. “Events that happen in our past are a mirror to our future, thus the saying ‘only fools forge ahead and forget their past,” the producer noted. Her message through the film is simple: “Women are powerful” and can control even the strongest man on earth because of their God- given qualities. She explains that the film is a proof that men are delusional and they act out of impulse and strongly believe that they are powerful.

The movie “Slave Dancer” demonstrates that power is not strength; on the contrary it is wisdom, knowledge, sense of direction, patience and putting your intuition to good use. And these qualities were imbedded in women during creation. For over 80 minutes, viewers get to understand that even though men are the head, the head can easily be controlled by the neck which is a woman. After its first presentation in December, 2016, the film was again premiered last June 30, 2017, at Odeon Imaax Greenwich, United Kingdom.



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