Prisons Decongestion: Campaign Launched In Buea

Those who pleaded guilty and have been of good conduct while in incarceration will have their cases reviewed  to see if they can be granted parole.


The Buea Central Prison which was constructed to host roughly 300 inmates now accommodates 1,175 inmates. As such the lodging, feeding and hygienic conditions are not the best. Kwamu-Nana Abunaw Marie, President of Justice and Equity Prison Fellowship Cameroon, made these disturbing revelations last Thursday July 27, 2017 at the Buea Central Prison. This was as her organisation launched a campaign to decongest prisons in Cameroon. From Buea, they planned to move to other prisons. With its motto “Prisoner Today, Leader Tomorrow”, she said the situation of congestion in Buea Central prison is similar to others across the country. “We need these inmates in the society. They have a vital role to play in building our country to emergence,” Kwamu-Nana Abunaw indicated. She said they have fortified programmes that involved counseling and psychological rearmament for the inmates to be reintegrated to the society.

To determine those that can benefit from this offer, the Justice and Equity Prison Fellowship Cameroon took questionaires to the inmates. Prominent among the questions are the nature of their crime and if they plead guilty. Kwamu-Nana Abunaw said the data will be analysed to see those who have spent a good number of years behind bars and are of good conduct, those that have not yet been sentenced and those that do not have lawyers. The situation will be presented to the justice department pleading parole for those who have spent a good number of years in prison and are of good conduct. For those that do not have lawyers, they will get them lawyers to see that the court can either free or sentence them. For those that have lawyers and have not yet been sentenced or acquitted, they will assist in hastening the trial process. Worthy of note is that the exercise is only for those inmates who pleaded guilty of their crimes.



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