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Nation Building: Magazine Spotlights Chantal Biya’s Strides

The CPDM’s ‘Conjoncture Economique’ in a special edition has dedicated pages to show the importance of the First Lady’s socio-economic gestures.

The Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) has dedicated the July issue of its economic magazine – Conjoncture Economique, to highlight the special socio-economic attention the First Lady Chantal Biya accords to the most vulnerable persons. Out of some 48 pages in Conjoncture Economique No. 028 of July 2017, the editorial team of the mazagine used 25 pages to spotlight Chantal Biya’s strides using reports, interviews and analyses.

Going by the CPDM Deputy Secretary in charge of Economic, Social and Job Affairs,

Dr Chief Joseph Dion Ngute, “the economic prosperity of Cameroon will not be measured by the number of infrastructures or industries built, but by the standard of living attained by the people in terms of education, access to health care, the environment, availability of potable water, etc.” The magazine highlights that Chantal Biya, who is Honorary President of the Women’s Wing of the CPDM, has been true to contributing to Cameroon’s economic emergence through her worthwhile and timely social actions.

“The social sensitivity of the Head of State is constant and has been extended in the social work of the First Lady. Mrs. Chantal Biya is the hinge pin of the social policy of the Head of State for the great benefit of the underprivileged social classes,” Dr Chief Ngute underscored.

The editorial team of Conjoncture Economique suggest that when others dream of riches and vanity, the First Lady seems to get up each day asking herself what she can do to alleviate poverty amongst her people.

To the Secretary General of the CPDM Central Committee, Jean Nkuete, the charitable works of Chantal Biya transcend partisan considerations and spring from purely humane and humanitarian considerations. Nkuete notes that beneficiaries of Chantal Biya’s largess are not required to be CPDM card-carrying members.

In the special edition, Conjoncture Economique placed emphasis on Chantal Biya’s initiatives; Chantal Biya Foundation, Circle of Friends of Cameroon (CERAC), African Synergy, Chantal Biya International Research Center (CBIRC), Les Champion FCB schools as well as the Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproduction Research and Application Hospital.



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