“Barefoot”: Consequences Of Peer Pressure

The film talks about the reckless life lived by some University girls due to competition


Shot in Molyko, in the South West Region, the film “Barefoot” tells the story of young woman Naomi Ngalle (Ruth Nweti) who finds herself at the crossroad of indulging in vices practiced by the company she keeps. In the movie, Naomi is  resolute not only to be seen but to be heard as well.  For over an hour, viewers watch how an overwrought undergraduate, Naomi who is ready for a ride into the excitement of contemporary lifestyle of social competition among peers, over who owns the latest android phones, stays in the most up-to-standard apartment or associates with the biggest guys in town. It is a lifestyle wherein activities and interactions have been made easier by information and technological gadgets and the internet. Not even persistent counseling from a supportive family could stop Naomi from testing the waters of a full blown independent life at the university carried away by peer pressure.
She teams up with four unscrupulous girls to exploit an adventurous life of deceit, betrayal, prostitution, parties at the expense of studies, health and morals. Their adventures in less than no time collided with a band of three rugged guys, Jason Baye (Nchifor Valery), Bradley Enow (Nkwah Kingsley), and Clive Oben (Ivan Namme) with damaging secrets. These ambitious guys from Dubai were ready to cause mayhem if slightly provoked and meeting Naomi and her crew at the Molyko neighbourhood was just the perfect arena for the provocation.
The film produced by a Cameroonian, Ivan E. Namme is spiced up with fictional depiction of life in a typical University town. The story appeals to daily routines, unraveling the life and struggles of students. The impact of the internet, social media, peer pressure, competition and above all, it shows a world in which even those who are supposed to be looked up to for direction and guidance have reduced themselves to unscrupulous contributors to societal decadence. However, no matter how bad the situation is, there is always the aspect of love and the intervention of the church to moderate the situation.



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