“Tears of the Rich”: Do Rich People Cry?

This is a 2017 movie that reveals the turbulence rich people face behind closed doors


The movie "Tears of the Rich" is a close reading storyline revealing that insane amount of money will never put people at easy. Written and produced by Cameroonian born, Bridget Benjamin, the movie also depicts the turbulence rich people face behind closed doors and how their emotions are being displayed. “It is nice to be rich, but it is hardly the panacea people make it to be, as most of those rich people may be less happy in their so-called rich world” Bridget Benjamin explains.
Shot in the finest locations in the United Kingdom; “Tears of the Rich” for over 70 minutes takes viewers through a journey of affluence, betrayal, ambition and quest for riches. It is a true life story of trust, betrayal, envy, greed and love. The movie is an illustration of how riches can be one fantasy whereby people who do not have them feel they could change everything while those who have money find out they really do not change anything as expected. Through the movie, the public gets to understand that each person’s dream should be to do something and not have all the wealth they might ever wish for. Because having so much money and not doing anything makes someone feel empty. Bridget Benjamin says “true wealth is being able to do without", for people should learn how to live without money and not make it seem as a source of happiness.
The visionary producer, Bridget Benjamin is one of the talented casts amongst top Nollywood and Cameroonian actors such as Alexx Ekubo, Ruke Amata, Charles Efe Lawson, Mazi  Obi Okoli, Fatima Jabbe, Christine Nkwain, HRH Irene Major, Vera Bih Pride, Mirabel Ngwe, Mirabell Ntube, Annie Gold, Sheron Alobwede, Dorothy Diamond, Cordelia Emeh, Gift Boyo. The movie is directed by UK Nollywood pioneer Nelson Spyk with a purpose to educate the public on how to live a happy life.



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