School Return Preoccupies Authorities

The Government Practising Nursery School Buea Station is among the lot that have started admissions.

A number of schools visited in Buea yesterday had already started their admissions. They displayed school signboards to inform parents of their daily timetable. Although the affluence is still to be met, indications from parents and the various meetings organised for school resumption are promising of Septembe 4 reopening in the South West Region. A Divisional come-together of the living forces in Fako has resolved to get their children back to school by 4 September. The parents present at the meeting applauded Senator Mbella Moki’s proposal for each parent to personally take their child to school on 4 september. The meeting that held in the Limbe I Council chambers under the initiative of the Senior Divisional Officer for Fako, Engamba Emmanuel Ledoux, resolved to put all hands into contribution to ensure a smooth school resumption for 2017-18 school year. It was resolved that distribution of didactic material would begin 30 August in Limbe. The Government Delegate to the Limbe City Council, Andrew Motanga, explained that supporters of the ruling CPDM had embarked on facilitating school return and were working through the seven Sections of the Party in Fako. On that score, Honourable Gladys Etombi Ikome of Fako East Constituency has programmed a tour to distribute exercise books, readers and other school needs to pupils of her constituency in Limbe I, II and III beginning Monday, 28 August. The exercise begins with Limbe III, in Bimbia. After that she would proceed to Mokundange the same day and later on Limbe I. The Limbe meeting urged all sectors to engage in their own way any action that would encourage school return in Fako Division. The meeting that drew a cross section of the forces insisted on organising vigilante groups to protect the space between school milieus and the home. “This is where the problem lies”, Senator Mbella Moki harped. The administrative top brass of Fako has equally assured that special security measures will be provided for dormitory schools and the various schools will also be under strict security protective measures. Many parents expressed security concern about school return, however, showing the will to send children to school. Teachers, traditional rulers, parents, administrators, and professionals of other sectors joined the chorus in Limbe to strengthen the determination to counter ghost schools and pave the way for school return.



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