CAR's Seleka, Anti-Balaka Fighters Clash

Several people are reported killed in the fighting of Saturday in Kaga-Bandoro in the centre of the country.

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The forces of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission  in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA) are yet to secure peace and order in Kaga-Bandoro in the centre of the country where tension remains high following clashes between fighters of the rival anti-Balaka and Seleka rebel groups in the area on September 16 to 17, 2016.

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RFI citing humanitarian and international sources, talked of between two to ten killed in the fighting. The local media organ, Radio Ndeke Luka reported that Seleka forces killed 19 people at Ndometa at PK 10 of Kaga-Bandoro and five others in the centre of the town. Seleka forces equally looted the Kaga-Bandoro Saint of Nativity Parish, a local radio station and business premises. Faced with the precarious situation, international forces have been gathering staff of UN agencies in order to repatraite them to the capital, Bangui.

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The MINUSCA spokesperson, Vladimir Monteiro, RFI cited said Seleka and anti-Balaka forces clashed and the international forces merely intervened to curb the fighting from spreading to the entire region. MINUSCA has been calling on the belligerents to lay down their arms and stop looting and committing other acts of violence on the population.

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Seleka fighters, Radio Ndeke Luka reported are blamed for the fighting which they ignited as a response to attempts by anti-Balaka forces to attack Kaga-Bandoro. The media organ further cited concordant sources of disclosing that anti-Balaka fighters from different villages in region gathered in Ndomete some Km from Kaga-Bandoro to dislodge forces of the rival rebel group  that has taken the local population hostage.

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