Hitch-Free School Resumption: Parents On The Streets

The community of Balikumbat Sub division does not want to miss out on government / World Bank safety net project for the education of their children.

Sunday August 27 was a memorable day for the population of Balikumbat sub division in Ngoketunjia division of the North West region. The population of Balighashu, Baligansing, Bamukumbit, Balikumbat and Bafanji and in the Balikumbat sub division came out in their numbers to thank the world bank and the Cameroon Government through the safety net project for sponsoring their children in school. They equally came to assure their sponsors that they will send their children to school and ensured all that back- to- school will be hitch free in Balikumbat sub division. Men, women and children thronged the streets of Balikumbat and marched from the Balikumbat hall to the DO’s office where they handed their memorandum to express their willingness to send their children to school. It is worth mentioning that the World Bank and the Cameroon government through the safety net project has identified some 1000 poor families in the Balikumbat sub division whereby they pay fees of the children and give capital to the families to engage in lucrative business. Consequently if children do not go to school the sponsors will obviously suspend the aid. As a result the parents do not want to see this happen reasons why they came out to assure all that they are ready to send their children to school. Their banners were explicit “We the beneficiaries of the safety net project thank the world bank and the Cameroon government for choosing us  as beneficiaries of the project”, We appeal for effective school resumption come September 4th  to enable us make use of the support we are receiving for the education of our children”, We appeal to the government to take necessary security measures to ensure that schools resume effectively”, “ Our children are in danger of pregnancies, theft, gambling and other social  ill. They must go to school”. The spokes person for the beneficiaries Misharu Amidou appreciated the government and the World Bank for the support. He said they will send their children to school. He wished that the number of beneficiary should be increased and the project should be extended to other villages. He equally prayed that the government solve the present crises rocking the two Anglophone regions. According to the coordinator of the safety net project Kanjo Elvis  Nfor. The project started in 2012 and it is out to motivate parents to send their children to school. He said over a period of 24 months, some four hundred millions cfa have been distributed to some one thousand families in Balikumbat sub division. He added that the money is to send children to school as well as to ameliorate the livelihoods of the families concerned. The Mayor of Balikumbat Babirng Joseph  and the DO  of Balikumbat Ngwa Martin Mangong were all out to support their population.



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