Manyu CPDM Organises Mobilisation Conference

The ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) Officials jammed the Mamfe town-hall last Saturday to drum school return.

In a move to encourage school resumption in Manyu Division, the head of the ruling CPDM Central Committee Permanent Delegation to Manyu, the Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, Minister Mengot Victor Arrey Nkongho, has held a joint conference of the party in Mamfe involving militants from the four Sections of Akwaya, Upper Bayang, Eyumojock, and Mamfe Central. The conference held in Mamfe Town Hall enjoined traditional rulers, parents, teachers and all stake holders of education to ensure that parents take their children individually to school come September 4, 2017.
During the conference that drew sympathisers including Section Presidents of the three wings of the party, Mayors and Deputy Mayors, Parliamentarians, Senators, external and internal elite and traditional rulers, Minister Mengot declared that eight months of ghost schools was more than enough for the party to tolerate.
The theme of the conference was “Overcome Future Challenges and Promote Education, Development and National Unity in Manyu Division” The joint conference revisited the functioning and the various roles of different organs of the Party. They charted the way forward for significant development in the area. Minister Mengot reminded the militants and the entire population that it was time Manyu began benefiting from the fallouts of the several infrastructural projects and other potentials of the area. And such facilities included the tarring of Kumba – Mamfe – Ekok road, the appointment of many sons and daughters into high positions of responsibility.
On behalf of the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the party, Mengot condemned all forms of intimidation against school resumption reminding that education is the only meaningful gift parents can bequeath to their children. The conference was also holding at the behest of the party hierarchy that instructed the dissemination of information for people to be prepared to face the challenges ahead of them in 2018.



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