E’ Do: Story of Negligence, Domestic Violence

The film reveals the life of a six- year- old girl (E’Do), maltreated because she was born out of wedlock.

Shoot in Buea and Tiko in the South West Region, the film by a Cameroonian producer Ruth Nwenti, gives an in-depth into the kind of situation adolescent girls find themselves  when they have children out of wedlock. Many may think that 23 minutes is too short to reveal the tale behind an irresponsible father.  But Ruth Nkwenti says otherwise in the film.“E’Do”, the film is a tale about a child born out of wedlock and is not loved by the father.
 E’Do is a film that talks about a young boy who impregnated his girlfriend while at their teenage age. The boy was forced to take-in the girl as a wife due to the pregnancy thereby shattering the boy’s personal plans and ambition of going abroad. When the child (E’Do), was born the father did not show love and affection to both the mother and the child. She grew up in a family were her parents quarrelled and fought every single day. This instigated her to fight in school too due to bad upbringing. The child’s mates avoided playing with her saying she loves fighting. The little girl was traumatised both in school and at home.
One day, E’ Do’s father met an old friend back in his secondary days who was now a rich man. He became so traumatized, went back home and engaged in a fight with E Do’s mother on the grounds she refused to abort the pregnancy. E’Do the little girl in trying to separate the fight between her parents fell and hit her head on a stone after her father pushed her. She gave up. The producer is passing across a message of love and acceptance. Ruth Nkwenti says children are a precious gift from God and no matter the situation they should not be neglected.



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