FENAC 2016: South West Flag Bearers Known

The Regional selection took place recently at the Buea Youth and Animation Centre.

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A total of 62 candidates have been selected to represent the South West Region in the upcoming National Festival of Arts and Culture, FENAC, scheduled to take place from November 13-17, 2016 in Yaounde. The participants competed in various domains such as traditional dances, arts and theatres, culinary arts and many others.

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The event was chaired by Jules Tata, Head of Division for Social and Cultural Affairs in the Governor’s office, representing the Governor.  According to him, culture is one of the ways to enable people identify themselves. “A people without a culture cease to exist. We urge our representatives to do their best in Yaounde,” he reminded the audience. Activities in the regional competition were divided into performing arts, fine art, patriotic songs and beauty contest.

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Grace Ngoh, the Regional Delegate for Arts and Culture, reiterated that FENAC was an opportunity for artistes to showcase their talents and compete with others in order to assess their work and improve where necessary. The innovation this year includes crafts and needle work in the competition.  

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