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Postal Services: Post Office Innovates To Remain Relevant

Digital advancement has pushed the one-time sole actor, CAMPOST, to adopt flexible strategies


As Cameroon joined the rest of the international community to observe World Post Day on Monday October 9, 2017, Cameroon Tribune gathered that the long-serving Cameroon Postal Services, CAMPOST, has in the face of digital advancement been putting in tactical efforts to confront new challenges. In the last 10 years, the industry in the country has been marked by low postal patronage and stiff competition with the entry of local and international courier companies into the market.
Despite the challenges which hitherto overwhelmed CAMPOST, the state-own enterprise that offers postal products, banking services and business solutions including server hosting, is proving to be resilient in recent times.
According to the Chief of Division of EMS (Express Mail Service) at CAMPOST, Atchang Onesine, mail operations have increasingly reduced in the last five years. He puts the decline at 10 per cent per year. However, Atchang said operations relating to the handling of parcels have been on the rise, recording an increasing rate of 22 per cent per annum.
The increase in parcel operations has been possible thanks to modernisation of CAMPOST’s infrastructure, Atchang said. “We did so in order to face our competitors,” the Chief of Division of EMS (Express Mail Service) said, adding that that it is now possible to track mails and parcels until they get to their destinations. Atchang told Cameroon Tribune that their company has acquired a data centre and is moving towards digitalising all its operations, laying emphasis on an emerging E-Commerce project.
To Nyomo, Director of Postal Financial Services at CAMPOST, between 2003 and 2017, they have seen the number of post office saving accounts rise. Nyomo disclosed that they now have over 70,000 active accounts, to add to some 600,000 accounts they had before a crisis in 2003.  The Director of Postal Financial Services noted that many people are regaining confidence in the post office saving scheme because they are proving to be reliable and efficient. He however decried the fact that their MELO (Local Express Money Order) services is facing difficulties because other operators have come into the sector which seems not to be well regularized.
The post office, it should be noted, still plays an important role in the everyday lives of people and businesses, as well as contributes to global social and economic development.



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