Wildlife Conservation: Continental Organ Revamped

More drastic measures to safeguard wildlife within its fight against trans-border poaching are on the horizon.


The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife, Philip Ngole Ngwese, presided over the extraordinary conference of Ministers of the Organisation of Wildlife Conservation in Africa (OCFSA) at the Sawa Hotel in Douala October 26.
The conference was holding to revamp the institution following some mediocrity as well as dysfunctioning noticed in the institution. They are results of irregular payment of contributions by member countries, chaotic management of resources and lack of a headquarters agreement. In his keynote address, the Minister highlighted Cameroon’s expectation that the conference marks the rebirth of OCFSA, which currently constitutes a major challenge to the parties of the organisation and institutions and partner international organisations. He urged all member countries of COMIFAC and ECCAS to join OCFSA in order to solve the difficult equation of poaching; adding that with this, wildlife criminality and trans-border poaching can find appropriate response.
It is worthy to note that Cameroon is the first country to have completed its contribution. Some FCFA 45 million representing arrears for year 2010-2012 were paid in and have helped to re-launch the organisation. Significant progress has been made since the extraordinary conference of June 2015 in which the headquarters agreement was signed between Cameroon and OCFSA, a plan for restructuration validated, as well as the adoption of a five year action plan and the status of the organisation.
In 1984, Cameroon, Congo, CAR, Gabon, Chad and Sudan decided to set up the Organisation of Wildlife Conservation in Africa (OCFSA) to coordinate the protection and conservation of wildlife in the sub-region. The institution’s mission is to ensure continuous information exchange and mutual support on wildlife management policies, recommend measures to harmonise policies on hunting, as well as measures to be taken for the promotion and education on wildlife conservation. It has set up a common policy for the fight against poaching.



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