Candylaurice Tanyisong:Young Adventurous Actress

She is ready to mingle into the top of the movie industry despite challenges.

It all started when she was a baby and her parents will use her to play baby Jesus role during Christmas drama in church. But today, Candylaurice Tanyisong, is no more “baby Jesus” but a budding actress in the Cameroon film industry who is adventurous and ready to overcome any odd to satisfy her passion in acting.

After completing studies at the Cameroon Bilingual Institute of Information and Technology (CETIC) and an Accounting Course in the Institute of Commercial Management London Candylaurice, decided to pursue her acting career.

In 2005 she appeared in her first official movie “Phoenix Scar” at the age of 13. Since then, she has appeared in over 10 movies amongst which are: “Then afterwards”, “Clash of Inheritance”, “The Great Obligation”; “The Neglected Obligation”; “Wrong Turn in Europe”; “Jungle of Heirs”; “A Song by the River”; “Tchangha and Inoma and “Married Single”.

The young actress is honoured to have received an Ace Award in 2009 for best actress in supporting role, in the movie “Clash of Inheritance”.

The 25-year-old actress who hails from Manyu Division in the South West Region says her acting career is usually challenging to be able to rise in the face of so much competition, desperation being new in the field and being paid little or nothing after acting in a movie. 

No matter the challenges? Candylaurice has had great and unforgettable experiences as an actress. “Working as a team is quite inspiring, having to go places and meet new people is interesting as I am an adventurous type”, the actress underlines.

Above all, she has had to deal with, and manage different people at a time. Candylaurice Tanyisong thinks the Cameroon Film Industry has a lot of potential, talent and so much more that is yet to be exploited.

With the right circumstances and people put in place, the actress believes they have a great future in the film industry with God’s grace.




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