Credible Partnership

Africa and Europe will remain each other’s closest neighbours, and above all, cooperation partners in need of each other. What a truth and challenge! Having been linked by history and colonialism for decades, the two are today linked by continental institutions and policies.

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One of these, is the African Union/European Union Partnership whose 5th Summit was recently held in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

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The theme of this fifth AU-EU summit, “Investing in Youth for a sustainable Future” was indeed timely considering the traumatizing and deadly adventures that the youths of this partnership have been going through.

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That “grass” is apparently greener in European countries, and socio-economic ailments apparently eternal in Africa, has made the rate of illegal migration to European countries, an indispensable means to an end. But the ugly developments on the route to this haven, have become shameful and calamitous.

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