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“Business Is Picking Up Slowly But Surely”

   Eddia Njenge, Senior Customs Inspector, Chief of Bureau for Customs Idenau.

How have economic activities picked up at Idenau after the reopening of the borders?

The borders were reopened on November 13, 2017. Since then, business has been picking up slowly but surely. All stakeholders are looking forward to seeing more returns as time goes on. We have a marketing role to play now because most of the business people here had moved to Douala when the border was closed. They are gradually coming back and we need to do more to fully bring them back to Idenau.

How has business been between Cameroon and Nigeria through Idenau?

I took office here on November 17, 2017 after the appointments of November 9. Since then, the volume of our activities has been somehow unstable given the circumstances at hand. For imports, we have a volume of over 10 tons 440 kg and for exports, it has been quite slow. Cameroon mostly exports rice to Nigeria through Idenau. So, we have got only three declarations as to that effect and we are just three tones from the time I took office. But if you have to get down to the records for a long time, Idenau has been one of the main export ports for eru. I just want to precise that since my arrival, I have not had eru yet. Cameroon mostly imports plastic materials, shoes, cosmetic products, drinks among others from Nigeria through Idenau.

How is the relationship between the Customs and security forces stationed here in Idenau?

I have taken part in one security meeting so far and one of the prescriptions given to all authorities working at this platform is perfect collaboration between the Customs, Ports Authority, Gendarmes, the Police and administrative authorities. This is the atmosphere in which we work here in Idenau. Since my arrival here, I have not had any case of ghost town or rioting. The population here is quite calm.

How do you manage work here with the so-called Anglophone problem!?

We strive as much as possible to manifest attitudes that are conciliating and not pushing people to the wall. National unity is one of the riches of the republic and Cameroonians should keep cool and going. If there are problems, we can submit them in a reasonable manner for I know government is giving an ear to the people.



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