Oyom-Abang: Yaounde 7 Council Paves Neighbourhood Road

The half-kilometre distance between Entrée Ecole and Carrefour Vietnam is being carried out through direct labour, using paving stones.


The joy of inhabitants of Abobo-Messa, a neighbourhood in Oyom-Abang, Yaounde 7 Sub-divisional Council in Mfoundi Division of the Centre Region, now knows no bounds. The hitherto impassable area will soon open to vehicle traffic following the launch of the paving of a 550-metre road. It is being carried out by the Council in conjunction with the Direct Labour, HIMO Unit of the Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT.

Jean Claude Tsila, the Senior Divisional Officer, SDO for Mfoundi, who chaired the ceremony, handed over tools to workers and visited the project site where he placed paving stones on the road to flag off the project. The SDO told the people that the project will create local employment in respect of a directive of the Prime Minister that 10 per cent of projects must use direct labour. It will also help in the transfer of skills for the Council to henceforth carry out similar projects on its own, he said.

Mayor Tamba Augustin of Yaounde 7 Subdivisional Council recalled that he promised the residents of Abobo-Messa two years ago that something was going to be done about the bad road, and has fulfilled his promise. He said the road will be of great service to local people. “Before now, the area was a disaster zone, so inaccessible and in advanced state of dilapidation. We are grateful to government for accepting to carry out the trial phase of road construction using paving stones in our council area,” the Mayor explained. He added that the project will cost 145 million FCFA and work has already started.

Kouatchou Medard, Head of the HIMO Unit in MINEPAT, disclosed that work will consist in reconstructing the bridge over Abiergue Stream, cleaning the banks of the stream and paving the distance of 550 metres. Gutters and sidewalk balusters will also be constructed. Already, the stretch has been graded and the production of paving stones going on at the project site. About 120 workers and labourers are to be recruited.

So far, 130 applications have been submitted, with 50 retained, who are producing paving stones. The project will last seven months. Both skilled and unskilled people are being recruited. Labourers earn 2,500 FCFA a day, while semi-skilled workers get 5,000. “Everyone is paid at the end of the week,” explained Bertrand Mvondo, the Chief Engineer. Emphasis has been put on the recruitment of 20 women out of the 50 people already retained.




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