FENAC 2016: Littoral’s Candidates Known

Several music artists, theatre groups performed to pick up a winning ticket during a selection process in Bonapriso, Douala.

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The National Festival of Arts and Culture, FENAC, due for December 7-13 this year will witness far lesser than the expected 80 candidates. Only about half of the required number was selected during a hotly contested competition in the Castel Hall in Bonapriso October 6.

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Candidates competed in domains of poem, theatre, story-telling, humour, sketch, stand up and singing, masks and marionettes, traditional wrestling and dances, musical heritage, choir, culinary arts, patriotic songs, modern music and the election and presentation of candidates for Miss FENAC.

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Despite earlier enthusiasm for the selection event among artists, some lapses such as poor sensitization and lack of zeal on the part of some artists accounts for the lack of contestants in some disciplines. As a result, most disciplines registered less than the required number to be selected for the upcoming festival. Due to such shortcomings contestants in the disciplines concerned were all considered winners and due for the national music and arts fiesta in Yaounde regardless of their potentials or skills.

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Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture, Dr. François Edimo, said the competition followed the roles and prescriptions as laid down by the Ministry of Arts and Culture. “In musical heritage, for instance, before we issue a mark we saw to it that the instruments in use are those used by the people for that very purpose and that it is accompanied by a song and dancing as it is done by the people. As concerns the choir it must observe originality, rhythm and the singing must be harmonious as it is done by a group of choristers.”

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Special rehearsal sessions are due for the days ahead to sharpen the skills of winners in order to help them adequately represent the Littoral Region at the FENAC.

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At the top of the selection was the Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Dieudonné Ivaha Diboua, followed by the Regional Delegate of Arts and Culture, François Edimo, as rapporteur, among other personalities.

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