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“Why Marry”: Marriages Without Purpose!

The movie is based on a book of same name, produced by the founder of Cameroon Career Woman, Bridget Benjamin.

Almost each day in the society, people tie the knots in happy matrimony, but many people seem not to know why they marry. Reason why the question “Why Marry”, comes up in the movie produced by Bridget Benjamin and directed by Nelson Spyk.

The one hour 30 minutes movie is base on a book “Why Marry” authored by same producer Founder of Cameroon Career Woman, Bridget Benjamin.

The movie is a collaborative effort among movie makers in Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. In a lead role, Nollywood veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor, who is now born-again (Christian), re-enacted her famous character as a brutal motherin- law in the movie “Why Marry.”

The movie is about a loving couple; Nduka played by Uchendu Ozokwo Nonso and Susan, played by Njungwa Susan- Kembling Oben. The couples see their marriage made in heaven falling apart when an authoritative mother-in-law (Patience Ozokwor) brings a royal princess for her son (Nduka).

As the drama heatsup, Susan and Nduka realise they have other deep issues within their marriage that were only brought to light when the new wife was introduced. Will the couple’s love and trust in God see them through the temptation? That is the question viewers will need to answer after watching the movie.

On another hand, Benjamin (Van Vicker) is enchanted by the beauty and intelligence of his colleague, a role presented through Princess Brun Njuaone of Cameroon’s top film actress. Benjamin believes he has finally found true love.

The only problem is how to deal with his pregnant wife, a role brilliantly played by another Cameroonian actress, Goretti Etchu-Egbe. The producer of the movie, visionary Bridget Benjamin, says the movie is an adaptation of her book “Why Marry”. She came up with such a movie because as a married counsellor she discovered that lots of people get married without knowing the meaning, reason for the many divorce in the society today. The movie, shot in London, UK features over 10 Cameroonian divas with Vera B Pride amongst them. The film was premiered last year at the Odeon Max Greenwich cinema, London, UK.



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