Sound Mind With Great Deeds


“When he started his elementary schooling at the Akono Primary School in 1942, Florent Eily Etoga might not have known that he was taking an important step that would prepare him for leadership at various levels.
The cream of Cameroon’s academic, professional, traditional and political elite that streamed to Soa on the outskerts of Yaounde, Saturday 7 April 2018, saw and heard for themselves what many of us would like to be remembered for.

Although from the Akono primary school, Florent Etoga, moved to Lycée Leclerc that prepared him for the universities of Paris, the Sorbonne and later Boardeaux where he did his doctorate degree, Etoga’s services did not limit him to the classroom. His academic and professional attainment, administrative and political ambitions led to other important domains including leadership in development and sporting associations including Tonnerre Kalara Club of Yaounde.

As a teacher, writer and academic with commitment to excellence, Etoga’s ability to handle well what was considered difficult, could not be concealed. It was therefore no surprise to many that he was appointed first General Manager of the Cameroon Tribune and later, the first general boss of Cameroon Television. This was the beginning of what today makes SOPECAM and CRTV official communication media, we can be proud of.
One of the secrets of Etoga’s success stories is his fatherly approach to problem solving, transparent administration and collaboration.

His level of education and fatherly nature at work made many develop confidence in themselves and interest to forge ahead in their endeavours.

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