Agriculture: Mapping Out Fertile Zones Afoot

A meeting was held in Yaounde April 10 to hasten the mapping out of the regions nationwide to determine the appropriate farm inputs for each area.

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The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Henri Eyebe Ayissi held a meeting with officials from the Moroccan organisation, Fondation OCP in Yaounde on April 10 to discuss ways of speeding up the ongoing mapping of fertile zones in Cameroon.

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Officials of the company said, in response to a request from the Minister Delegate in Charge of Rural Development, Clementine Ananga Messina who said the process had been dragging on for five years, that they will equip mobile laboratories across the country in order to complete the mapping process within a shorter timeframe.

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The aim of the charting is to enable stakeholders in the agriculture sector to cultivate the right products in the right ecological zones, using appropriate fertilizers. It was disclosed during the meeting that the cotton sector has already benefitted from the initiative aimed at obtaining the best possible yields for each product.

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The current target sectors in the trial phase of the initiative which spans across 2017 to 2019 include maize, bananas, plantain, cocoa and coffee.

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The Fondation OCP is world leader in production of phosphate and its byproducts. The company, a major player in global agriculture, has collaborations in 111 countries and its cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa can be felt in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Angola, and Tanzania. It is currently drawing up community radio projects for rural areas in Togo and Guinea.

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