Sport Activities Conclude Limbe Festival

It was equally a day to reward excellence to all cultural groups, business ventures, modeling etc that excelled during the event.

Curtains were on Saturday April 14, 2018, dropped on the celebration of 160 anniversaries of Limbe and the Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) at Down Beach with a series of sporting activities.

The 44km Limbe City Njalla Quan International Marathon that kicked-off from Idenau at 6:30 am and ended at Down Beach Limbe was won by Foimi Justilin in 2:38:57 and Ngalim Lizette (3:19:30) in the male and female categories respectively.

They were closely followed by Jude Lehka and Tchogah Djakdjing in the male category and Ngong Sylveria and Tembep Patience in the female category. The best three athletes in each category bagged home a cash prize of FCFA 1, 500, 000, FCFA 1, 000,000 and FCFA 500,000 each. For the male Canoe Race, Mondoli took the lead and was followed by Batoke and then Bimbia.

The female Canoe Race that was in its maiden edition produced Bimbia, Botaland and Batoke in that order. In the Tug-Of-War and Traditional Wrestling, Lower Bosumbu and Mokunda in both male and female categories came first and second one-to-one.

For those who have outshined in food processing, wood work, traditional dances, fashion and design etc throughout Limbe FESTAC from April 7-14, 2018 went home with fabulous cash prices. The closing ceremony was attended by the Minister of Secondary Education- Nalova Lyonga, Government Delegate to the Ngaoundere City Council, Hamadou Dawa, and thousands of sport and culture lovers across the country. Motanga Andrew Monjimba, Chairperson of the Limbe FESTAC Steering Committee, registered his deepest gratitude to those who were consumed by the thrills and shrills for eight days at Limbe FESTAC 5th edition.

While expressing gratitude to all their sponsors, he insisted that Limbe FESTAC is not a money wasting event. That promoting culture is as important as developing Limbe in all facets, be it by constructing roads, provision of social amenities, developing and supporting education. He indicated that Limbe cherished peace and that there is no sustainable development without peace.



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