Workers On Secondment’s Pension: MINFI Officials Schooled On Procedures

Officials of the Ministry of Finance working in public and para-public entities in the Centre, South and East Regions have been trained on better ways of constituting the pension rights of public servants on secondment in structures where they are serving. The training workshop which took place in Yaounde, Wednesday April 18, 2018, was held under two themes:

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“The public finance official on detachment and the establishment of pension rights” and “procedures for monitoring and controlling the payment of pension contributions of public servants on secondment.” Organisers said the workshop was holding against the backdrop of managerial lapses caused by management which made civil servants on secondment suffer at retirement.

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Many irregularities had been noted, amongst them: the non-payment of pension contributions by establishments; discrepancies in the procedure of payments; the nonmastery of required quotas; and the lack of information for updating the pay slip of public servants on secondment. During the workshop, experts explained to participants the mechanisms and practical modalities for the payment of pension contributions.

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The participants were also schooled on revisiting and harmonizing the formulas for calculating the payment of pension contributions. The training modules are expected to optimise and modernise the procedure to collect and pay pension contribution for civil servants on secondment in public and para-public structures.

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