“MIDA”: Organisation Banned In Cameroon

The government has commited to compensate young cameroonians who registered with the association. Below is a press release from the Minister of Communication.

Banning of the activities of an illegal organization known as “Mission d’Intégration et de Développement pour l’Afrique” (MIDA) and the commitment of the government to compensate young Cameroonians who registered with “MIDA”

The Minister of Communication hereby informs the national and international community that the Government of Cameroon has just put an end to the activities of the organization known as the "« Mission d'intégration et de Développement pour L'Afrique »", code named "MIDA", located in the Yaoundé III Subdivision in the Ahala neighbourhood.

Presented by its crooked promoters under multiple usurped appellations, notably, "the African Commandery of the Military Hospitalier Order of Saint John", the "« Mission D'intégration et de Développement pour L'Afrique », "the Apostolic Order of Saint John", this organization is not legal within the national territory.

This is actually a gigantic large-scale scam, which according to the initiators, is grounded on fraudulent activities, business catching projects and display of attractive operations, to attract their victims - mostly young Cameroonian, with promising training, recruitment and huge funding for their projects.

This subterfuge has allowed these lawless initiators of "MIDA", to gather huge sums of money estimated to several CFA billion francs, for their own benefit, in violation of all the regulations in force.

The common mechanism used by these individuals was to collect from any new member, the sum of CFA 12,500 francs, and to reimburse a total sum of CFA 70,000 francs within a very short time of less than one month.

Like other financial scams foiled in several countries of the world, the MIDA organization has made a fraudulent collection of funds consisting of rewarding the investments or the savings of its targets essentially derived from the funds provided by new members, on the basis of the Ponzi mechanism well known for illicit financial operations.

Considering the gravity of the acts perpetrated by MIDA's network of financial scammers, the Government of the Republic hereby reassures the national and international community that the leaders of this organization and the entire chain of its accomplices have been identified, arrested and shall be tried before competent courts.

In the same vein, the President of the Republic, Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya, has instructed the Government to take all the necessary measures to pay back the total amounts disbursed by the victims of this vast and abominable scam. ln all, the Minister of Communication, on behalf of the Government of the Republic, hereby invites Cameroonians in general, and victims of this vast scam in particular, and ail other similar schemes, to always remain vigilant, in order to defeat ill-fated agitators in their attempt to manipulate minds of people, and to take advantage of ail the multifaceted difficulties and discontents that our youths may be facing. The Minister of Communication, still on behalf of the Government, is calling on the population to be unflinching guardians of the stability, peace and the territorial integrity of our Nation.

To those who aspire to take possession of the immense wealth of our country, using some puppets at their service, they should understand that the Cameroonian nation, and our youth in particular, sufficiently enlighten and educated, united behind the Head of State, are unwavering ramparts committed to protect our resolve to live together and will never give in to the trick of illusions brandished by the enemies of the Nation.

21st April 2018




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