Respect Of Frequency Bands: Defaulting Operators Warned

Rigorous field visits have been announced which will eventually lead to forceful compliance with the regulations or disconnection of the operators.

Electronic communications operators in the country who do not respect the frequency attributed to them for their transmission, as well as those not in conformity with the applicable regulations have been called to order. This was one of the outcomes of the 7th extraordinary session of the Inter-ministerial Board for Frequency Bands Allocation (CIABAF).

The meeting was held in Yaounde, Monday April 23, 2018. According to Libom Li Likeng, née Mendomo Minette, Minister of Posts and Telecommunications and President of CIABAF, the conclusions of an audit mission indicate that the improper use of radio frequency creates harmful interferences, provoking poor quality services especially for mobile telecommunications.

Also, Minister Libom disclosed that findings at Mount Mbankolo radio frequency installations in Yaounde show that some operators are using frequency bands allocated either for mobile telephone operators or for Land Digital Television (TNT), to provide cable television services or simply for transmitting broadcast signals.

“It is important to make sure that the use of frequency bands comply with allocations in the national frequency band allocation table and frequency allocation agreements. An inconsistent use may create harmful interferences that would negatively impact on the quality of service of electronic communications,” the Minister noted, indicating that the frequency band 694- 790MHz had been allocated to mobile service.

Libom Li Likeng called on unauthorised operators occupying the bands, majority of them in the audio-visual sector, to immediately free them.

While reminding operators that radio frequencies are State resources, she said appropriate actions will be taken to clean up the radio spectrum in Cameroon.

Ayene Raymond, Sub-director of Administrative Management of Radio Spectrum at the Telecommunications Regulatory Board, told Cameroon Tribune six operators in Yaounde and about five in Douala are wrongly using frequencies.

He said many others abound across the country. Going by the Sub-director, the regulatory agency will descend on the field and carryout a rigorous control to force such defaulting operators to comply with regulations else their installations be dismantled .



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