“Depth” Defines His Artistic Role


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Raphael Obi Tambe

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He loves acting as a simple journey of discovery.

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From being a mass server to dancing, singing as well as reading bible verses in church, Tambe Raphael Efim Obi, is today a committed Cameroonian actor, with focus on getting to higher heights no matter how difficult the film industry path might be in the country.

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The 28-year-old actor who is a graduate from the University of Buea says 10 years back, his exposure to different social practices in church such as theatre, built his confidence in film acting which effectively came into the limelight in 2012 when the film producer, Nkanya Nkwai, called him to act a minor role in the movie “Viri” directed by Enah Johnscott featuring other actors such as Desmond Wyte, Alene Menget.

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Since then, Raphael Obi Tambe has worked on several film projects such as “Maalle”, “A Breach of Trust”, “A Good Time to Divorce”, “Little Cindy” and “Rose on a Grave” as an actor and chief lightening technician.

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Raphael Obi never expected his film career to be an easy journey, reason why he decided to take one step at a time having in mind that an artist should be able to make money from his/her art rather than thinking that being an artist is already money. According to Raphael Obi, his years so far as an actor have been good with remarkable moments when he meets great and creative minds in the film industry from whom he can learn something.

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As a film actor and film maker Raphael Obi sees acting from a creative and artistic perspective. “Interpreting roles of different characters created in a screenplay simply reges me as an actor to go an extra mile in making it believable and realistic. Depth is what defines me as an actor,” the actor underlines. Adding that an example is in the short film "The message" Directed by Tebo Njei, in which he had tattoos all over his body and dreads which were made just for the film.

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About the Cameroon film industry, Raphael Obi says it has toiled through the years because of lack of finance and professional skills. But this did not affect the efforts of great minds in the field that have sailed on to projecting the Cameroon film industry into the limelight.

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“Today, films produced in Cameroon have the professional touch on the part of the actors and technicians. Success is the sum of small efforts repeated each day. Just like the saying goes, without commitment we would not start and without consistency we would not finish,” Raphael Obi notes.

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