MIDA Scam: Government Recovers Huge Sum Of Cash

Below is a statement issued by the Minister of Communication.

The Minister of Communication hereby informs the national and international community that following the ban of the activities of the “MIDA” organization, and the arrest of its leaders, a search of their premises by a joint police and gendarmerie unit, led to the seizure of documents and huge sum of hard cash.

The assistance of a local bank has been requested for the meticulous counting of the seized money.

The tedious counting operation is currently underway in all transparency amidst minor power outages. The Government shall announce the total amount of the recovered money to the public at the end of the counting operation.

The Government reaffirms its resolve to ensure that the “MIDA” organization establishes the victims of this vast scam into their full rights.

A census and reimbursement Commission has been set up under the auspices of the Governor of the Centre Region, and will work in collaboration with the leaders of the “MIDA” organization. The terms of reimbursement will be communicated as soon as possible.”




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