Central African Republic : CEMAC Headquarters Again Moved To Equatorial Guinea

 Last weekend’s decision is the result of recurrent incidents of violence in the capital, Bangui.

The Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States, CEMAC, has once more temporarily transferred its headquarters from Bangui in the Central African Republic, CAR, to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. The move was sequel to a decision taken on May 9, 2018 in Douala, Cameroon by CEMAC commissioners led by Gabonese-born Daniel Ona Ondo.

Discussions focused on the security situation in CAR and the bloc’s proposed economic partnership agreement with the European Union, EU. The Commission expressed compassion with CAR’s political and religious leaders, victims of recent violence and the people in general.

They called for a quick return to normalcy and sustainable peace through mechanisms that ensure traceability in the exploitation of natural resources, which tend to benefit mostly armed groups.

Given the recent upsurge in violence in the country, CEMAC commissioners decided to temporarily move the institution’s headquarters from Bangui to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea. They appealed to Central Africans to work towards ensuring sustainable peace and the stability of institutions.

CEMAC’s headquarters was moved to Malabo in 2013 as a result of insecurity and only returned at the end of 2017, before being moved once more a few months after. 

The Central African Republic has of late been beset by violence tending to be sectarian in nature. A recent attack on a Catholic church in Bangui left almost 20 worshippers dead, including a priest. Also, there have been clashes between armed men and UN peacekeepers and the CAR military.

Elsewhere in the country, the government, peacekeepers and the international community have warned against attempts by former Séléka rebels and their allies to regroup and retake the capital.



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