Socio-political Crisis: North West Elite Hold Frank Exchanges

In the face of the Socio- political crisis rocking the North West region, CPDM militants exchanged with the Prime Minister Philemon Yang who is CPDM Regional Permanent team leader.

The new twist in the socio- political crisis rocking the North West Region, summed up in threats that spread fear, killings, kidnappings and harassment by unknown gunmen and regular security forces  was topical during a sensitization tour of the Prime Minister, Head of Government and CPDM Permanent team leader for the North West, Philemon Yang, across the Divisions from May 7-11, 2018.

The CPDM team leader was in Wum, Fundong ,Nkambe, Kumbo, Ndop, Mbengwi and Bamenda with a message that stressed peace, unity and development for the nation that celebrates its 46th National Day on May 20, 2018.

Topical socio- political issues did not escape the sessions when Philemon Yang reminded militants that President Biya has decided that there should be dialogue.

It was against this backdrop that he gave militants a rare moment to speak out on the subject. The exercise featured questions, reflections and observations, summed up in appeals to see and hear nice words from the Head of State, Paul Biya for a return  to normalcy. They questioned the good faith in the decision that traditional guns should be deposited at administrative offices.

Militants decried the indoctrinate killings of security forces and civilians  and speed brakes in obtaining of National Identity Cards in times like this, when the document is crucial for free movement.

Away from that, party youths expressed frustrations with CPDM elite who do not support not give youth a chance to shine in party activities and nation building. Inclusive dialogue was also requested.

In all, PM Yang appealed for the collaboration of all for a quick return to normalcy. He said the State is working to ensure that no other State is created in Cameroon. He stressed the goodness of the decentralized unitary State as some militants asked to know why the government cannot go beyond the status quo to give peace and security a chance. 

Philemon Yang said imminent Regional Councils will enhance the decentralization process and that the decision to collect firearms from the population is meant to have a clear picture of authorized handlers in the face of the security threats.

He advised against the works of the devil and stressed the need for the population to respect curfews and stay disciplined. He urged the population to showcase pride in celebrating living together on the National Day.



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