Cameroon-Nigeria Military Cooperation: Counting Blessings Of Joint, Meticulous Operations

The weakening of Boko Haram insurgency today is credited to collaboration between the two defence forces at both multilateral and bilateral levels.

Cameroon’s military cooperation with Nigeria may be as old as the history of the two countries but victories won of recent in the coalition against Boko Haram further magnify the ties. Given the dreaded nature of the common enemy, the two countries had to federate their military might. This has been done at multi-lateral and bilateral levels especially within the framework of the Multinational Joint Task Force.

Field realities today showing the clipping of Boko Haram wings and reducing the sect to cowardly sporadic suicide bombings tell of the effectiveness of Cameroon-Nigeria military cooperation. According to Cameroon’s High Commissioner to Nigeria, Salaheddine Abbas Ibrahima, threats that the two countries experienced some three years ago have greatly subsided with the coalition.

Remarkable Field Victories
Tired of repeated incursions of the Boko Haram terrorists in Cameroonian territory, Cameroon and Nigerian defence forces under the banner of the Multinational Joint Task Force in December 2016 carried out special operations in the locality of Ngoshe and its surroundings in the Nigerian territory.  The operation consisted in searching the area with the target of dismantling the logistic bases of the terrorists. Going by government sources, the special operation resulted in the destruction of many manufacturing units of explosive devices, neutralisation of some of the explosives and their manipulators as well as the dismantling of training camps. Though three security forces perished in the operation, the freeing of hundreds of hostages and arrest of scores of fighters bolstered the forces’ morale.

Reason why in January 2017, other operations were conducted under the banner of the Multinational Joint Task Force, supported by the Alpha Operation and in perfect synergy with the Army of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Information indicates it allowed the coalition forces to take control of the Zumbula village and its surroundings thanks to which over 13 terrorists were neutralized and several warfare materials seized.

In yet another operation, dubbed “THUNDER 2” carried out from February 26 to March 7, 2017, under the banner of Sector No.1 of the Multinational Joint Task Force, backed by the “Alpha” operation, and in collaboration with the Nigerian Armed Forces, huge victories were recorded in the joint and meticulous military maneuvers. The cross-border offensive comprising a sweep operation on all villages situated along the border, over a 50-kilometer distance in the Mayo Sava Division and a search and boot out of terrorists in their fall backs in the Nigerian territory, among others, have really contributed to the relative peace noticed in the hitherto restive border areas of the countries.

In a chat with Cameroon Tribune in Abuja prior to their departure for Cameroon, Lieutenant Colonel Mukhtar Sani Daroda, Commanding Officer, 7 Guards Battalion, Guards Brigade-Nigerian Army, Team Leader of the Nigerian Contingent to Cameroon for May 20, 2018 saluted the military collaboration and counted the achievements thus far. “Cameroon and Nigeria have been partnering on various fronts particularly as part of the Multinational Joint Task Force to defeat Boko Haram insurgency in-between our borders,” he said. With this collaboration, the Nigerian Military Officer believes “the Nigerian and Cameroonian military partnership has been very cordial as we have been able to carry out joint operations against a common enemy and we feel that this parade will further solidify the cooperation we have among us,” he said.



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