Civilians Showcase Values of Togetherness

Pupils and students joined the military parade to grace 20th May celebration in Yaounde.

Civilians grouped from some primary to secondary schools in Yaounde, teacher-training colleges, professional schools as well as higher education institutions on May 20, 2018 through a march-past revisited the path covered to the unity of the country. They used messages that called on citizens to consolidate peace and national integration.

The march-past which took place immediately after the military parade on the occasion to commemorate the 46th edition of the National Day was witnessed by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya and wife, Chantal, together with members of the diplomatic corps, special guests and other dignitaries.

The civilian march-past began with an opening bouquet that ushered the theme of the celebration: “Citizens of Cameroon, let’s remain united in diversity and preserve social peace for a stable, indivisible and prosperous Cameroon.” This preceded the flag of the Republic and a message which reads “United and Indivisible.” The effigy of the Head of State closed the opening bouquet and introduced the different groups which marched-past in a show of solidarity and love for a united Cameroon.

It began with students from the National School of Administration and Magistracy. Later were pupils selected from some 14 primary schools in Yaounde who marched-past with messages that called for peace in the nation today. With some messages that read; “Peace: An absolute prerequisite for the survival of the human race and sustainable development” and “Yes to the ideals of peace and integration,

No to division and destabilisation”, the pupils also brandished peace plants. Students from some 15 public and secondary schools in Yaounde highlighted the need for Cameroonians to live together in a bid to ensure a sustainable development in peace, respect and solidarity.

Through a banner, the students said Cameroon is one and indivisible, proud of her cultural diversity and freedom. Those of the teacher-training colleges as well as professional schools and the higher education sector through the march-past highlighted the respect for republican values and the need for patriotism as a mark of responsible citizenship for a strong Cameroon.

In this light, messages such as: “Our multiculturalism is a major asset we must make full use of in today’s 21st century world” were lifted by the students. Civilians also sang songs of patriotism and gratitude to President Paul Biya for peace and prosperity in Cameroon.



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