Fireworks Display National Colours

The spectacular explosion of fireworks in green, red and yellow in the nation’s capital after march-past activities symbolised happiness and celebrations for the National Day.

Fireworks give the skies a beautiful appearance. Its panoramic view is usually breath taking and mind blowing. The skies of Yaounde in the evening hours of May 20 had fine-looking colours with the country’s national colours of green, red and yellow dominating.

With the fireworks concept originating from medieval China in the 7th century, it is a natural application of gunpowder which explodes into the air and can be viewed from long distances. Its explosive connotations have been attributed to success, creativity, enthusiasm and optimism.

In Cameroon, fireworks are common view during festive activities. The use of fireworks on May 20 therefore symbolises the fact that Cameroonians collectively share in happiness with others and enjoy the limelight vision.  Fireworks are equally a sign of good news and the announcement of a special event.

May 20 is the National Day of Cameroon, and therefore a very special day, reason why the colours of display were green, red and yellow. Emissions of the fireworks took place around the Yaounde Central Post Office, and one could easily see the colours in the sky from diverse locations in the city.

This depicts national unity and integration. The explosives into the skies bring together citizens of different regions who converge to have an ample view of the emissions. Parents bring along their kids for the sight viewing event and students equally show up for distraction purposes.

Besides its underlying principle of collective celebration, it is a platform for socialisation and networking. Given that a good number of persons leave their homes to come and watch, security officers are present at the scene to ensure the safety of all persons.

To attest to the fact that it is usually a well organised event, the Hygiene and Sanitation Company (HYSACAM) has its bins and waste trucks stationed for the deposit of waste.



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