Presidential Laptop Donation: UB Students Show Gratitude

Over 300 students drawn from all its schools and faculties matched from Buea Independent Square to the South West Governor’s Officer signing songs of joy.


The downpour in Buea about 3:30 pm on Wednesday October 19, 2016 could not stop students of the University of Buea (UB) in their drive to thank the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. On their agenda were two substances: The donation of 500.000 laptops to students in all higher institutions of learning across the country and the construction of nine computer development centres in all state universities.

Braving the rain from the Buea Independent Square to the South West Governor’s Office, the students sang patriotic songs with placards in hands bearing messages of gratitude to the Head of State: From Excellent Award to a laptop each; Thank you Mr. President, Peace-loving President and peace-loving students of UB, Getting ready for a digital economy, Android generation for emergence among others.

Speaking on behalf of the University of Buea Students community at the esplanade of the South West Governor Office, Ngashu Wilson, a software developer and a level 300 Political Science student in UB, saluted the initiative of the Head of State to build intellectuals minds in the country with the donation of laptops. He remarked that the computer age is a time for fast development in all aspects.

In order to protect the laptops, he proposed that there should be a command and a software development centre where all the laptops received are going to be configured to meet the specific needs students. .

The Vice chancellor of the University of Buea, Nalova Lyonga, Ph.D, said she is hopeful that the coming of the laptops will increase more job creation. She cited the case of Molyko which, according to her, is already being transformed into a veritable ICTs complex with former UB students being the brain trust. It was an occasion for her to announce that students of the University of Buea will start receiving the Presidential Excellent award in UB on Thursday October 20, 2016.

South West Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Okalia Bilai, told the students that the government has invested heavily in education of the youth. He said it is done through yearly motivations, excellent grants and now laptops. He encouraged the students to be respectful and avoid attitudes that will lead them astray.  







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