Berlinda Nahbila : Passionate About Acting

The US-based Cameroonian actress hopes to put the Cameroon film industry in the limelight.

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Berlinda Nahbila is a proud mother of two daughters and wife to the film producer Claudio Oben. She might not have been in the limelight as far as the film industry in Cameroon is concerned.

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But her stunning performance in her husband’s latest film, “Defying The 6th” (DT6), which was screened during the Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF) has put her in the spotlight amongst many film lovers in Cameroon.

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The reason Berlinda Nahbila went into acting is simple: “I just had the passion and love for the art, nothing more,” she reiterates. And she’s made sure to follow that passion since 2010 but never really did a major role until 2015 when she acted a lead role on Zeallmatic Pictures, “The Portrait” and in 2017 she did “Defying The 6th” which won her the CAMIFF Best Actress award this year.

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Berlinda’s parents are from the North West Region, but she was raised by an aunt who lived in Yaounde where she attended Government Bilingual High School Essos (GBHS) and later moved to Brazil after high school where she lived for two years. In 2009, Berlinda Nahbila moved to the United States where she has lived ever since with her husband she met on her first film set.

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According to Berlinda, when she got into film acting, not much was said about Cameroon film industry even though Cameroonian films were available somehow. She prays and hopes to be part of those film makers trying to put the name of the country on the map of film production.

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She is however amazed with the rapid progress made as film productions from Cameroon are being talked about all over the world.

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“Our movie industry has grown so much and still keeps growing. If you were at CAMIFF, then you must have seen some of the amazing works and talents our country has to offer”, Berlinda Nahbila explains. She believes the only issue most film makers from Cameroon really have is financial problems.

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“If we can be supported financially, the same way other countries support their entertainment industry, trust me, we will be unstoppable”, she underscores.

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