Prince Endeley Mysteriously Found Dead

His lifeless body was found in his room at the Mokunda Palace of the Paramount Chief of Buea at an advanced stage of decomposition.

Consternation gripped the royal family of Endeley, late Paramount Chief of Buea, and the people of Buea Town on Tuesday June 5, 2018 when one of their sons was found dead at the defunct Mokunda Palace Buea Town in his room under unclear circumstances.

The deceased identified as Prince Joseph Mwambo Endeley is said to have been seen on Monday by family members and he even participated in quarter “Njangi”.

After examining the corpse by Dr. Yopa of Buea Regional Hospital at the palace, the medic suggested that if the death of the Prince Endeley was natural, then he must have died 72 hours from the time he was discovered.

The medic said that if he had died on Monday as many suggested then the deceased must have consumed a substance which accelerated the decomposition of his body. The corpse was already peeling off with the eyes swollen.

Given the decomposed nature of the corpse, Prince Otto Ikome Mbendu Endeley said that the death of his first cousin is mysterious. They have requested for an autopsy on the corpse which is currently at the Buea Hospital Mortuary. 

Prince Joseph Mwambo Endeley was born in 1942 in Buea to the late Paramount Ruler of Buea, Chief Gevasius Mbella Endeley.




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