When Plastic Waste Fetches Money

An association of disabled people in Douala produces baskets, caps, table mats and key holders from the waste.


Plastic litters the environment more than any other waste. To reduce the waste from the streets and make money, an association of handicapped persons in Douala has resorted to give a second life to used plastics. Members take time off to clear the streets of used plastic, disinfect, clean and shred them into long pieces. These are then used to knit bags, caps, baskets, table mats, key holders and wallets, among others.

Association President and retired civil servant, Marie Louis Noubissi, said they are development partners since they create wealth at their level. The young association, mostly during cultural activities and other events, takes home at least 20,000 FCFA. It also produces on order, hiring young boys to collect sufficient plastic for the job. A lady’s cap costs from 2,500 FCFA to 3,000 FCFA, baskets sell for between 1,500 FCFA and 2,000 FCFA; while wallets and table mats sell for 1,000 FCFA and key holders 500 FCFA.

Looking at the finished products, one can hardly notice they are produced of used plastic. A lady’s cap takes about 10 plastics (the light one with yellow and black colours), while a wallet takes just three of the plastics. With available material, it takes an hour to knit a wallet and less than an hour to make a key holder. On the other hand, it takes about a day to knit a lady’s cap.  




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