Anglophone Crisis: Prayers For Return To Normalcy In Mbengwi

An interfaith ceremony mainly focused on singing and prayers for peace and return to normalcy took place in Mbengwi on June 7, 2018.

 It was all about special songs and prayers for forgiveness, reconciliation, harmony, unity of citizens and above all, the return to normalcy in the face of the socio- political crisis rocking the North West and South West Regions. To thank for the event is Momo SDO, Monono Absalom Wolua and Church leaders who mobilized virtually all the church choirs in Mbengwi to sing peace.

The ecumenical choir presentation at the Mbengwi, Station Presbyterian church congregation was  inspired by Bible verses traced to God’s  use of music  through his servant, David to send away torments of depression and fear.

It was a rare moment for Pastors, Priests and choirs who took turns to sing and handle prayer points which featured confessions and repentance for Cameroon, justice for all, removal of barriers to dialogue,  love for one another and wisdom for the nation’s  leaders to handle the crisis which is killing civilians and security forces.

The crowd-puller event sang, prayed and encouraged citizens who have escaped into the bushes to return for all to dialogue and talk peace. Special offerings were also collected during the event to assist internally displaced persons, victims of the ongoing socio- political crisis.

Ministers of the church equally offered peace plants to the SDO and the visiting Commander of the 5th Joint Military Region, Brigadier General Agha Robinson as all committed to build peace in Momo and the...



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