High Tech: "Tchak’s TV Gaurd," Sigh Of Relief For Housewives

The purpose of the appliance is to protect all household electrical equipment.


After Arthur Zang with his invention, the Cardiopard for detecting heart diseases, another innovation has been introduced in the technology landscape in Cameroon. Colbert Tchakounté, an electrician has invented a new device, a super regulator called “Tchak’s Tv Guard”. Even though the devise is not yet known in Cameroon the creator describes it as an indispensable tool.

The purpose of the appliance is to protect all household electrical equipments. (Fridges, televisions, DVD players, decoders), etc. It protects electrical equipments from high electric tensions and the effects of thunder. The appliance is thus a sigh of relief for housewives who are in dire need to preserve their electrical equipments.  The device which is 100 per cent Cameroonian was created due to the fact that each time there is a heavy down pour several television sets get damaged by the effects of thunder. The creator, who is also a former television repairer, was motivated by the increasing number of damaged television sets each time there is high tension from thunder transported by coaxial cable creating supplementary charge on housewives.

Colbert Tchakounté has protected his works at the Organisation of African Int...



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