Secondary Education : Minister Explains Innovations

The Minister of Secondary Education answered questions in a question time plenary sitting of the National Assembly on June 13, 2018.

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The Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga Pauline Egbe  has assured Members of the National Assembly that Cameroon’s educational system is henceforth tailored to align with the Sustainable Development Goal 4 that focuses on access to education to all and preparing  graduates to face the various ever-changing life challenges.

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She answered  Hon. Njume Peter Ambang’s questions during the question time plenary sitting of the National Assembly on June 13, 2018 chaired by the House Speaker, Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril.

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The Minister disclosed that at the level of Secondary Education there were more than 4,400 schools being general education, technical and teachings training colleges spread all over the national territory.

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To prepare graduates to face life challenges and not only obtain certificates, she said  the new approach in the school curricula focuses more on professionalization, based on practical skills to suit the job market.

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The Minister said the ministry is now engaged in signing Memoranda of Understanding with diverse public and private partners  intended to create more entrepreneurial activities to better prepare the students for jobs and also deter them from focusing their minds on going abroad  for greener pastures.  Educational authorities, she said, are working on and implementing  a new curricula that is adapted to the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Minister Nalova Lyonga answering the question on graduates who lack values that society expects of them said, education is holistic. She clarified that it has subjects that are taught in the classroom and extra curricula context that hinges on societal influences on the students. She said success in education  was based on a synergy with all societal actors.

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At the level of the schools, she disclosed the Ministry is beginning to implement what is called “ Clean Schools” intended to instill morals and care for the environment in the students.

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Concerning the allegation that students are only prepared to succeeded in examinations with little to prepare them for corresponding jobs, the Minister said the learning process can only be evaluated through the certificates awarded.

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