Mauritius: Nationality, Passport For Sale To Boost Finances

Mauritius is offering foreigners its citizenship for a non-refundable contribution of 1 million US dollars (568 million FCFA) payable to the National Sovereign Wealth Fund, NSWF.

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The BBC on June 19, 2018 reported that applicants' spouses and dependents are also eligible with an additional contribution of 100,000 US dollars (57 million FCFA) per family member.

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Another scheme offers Mauritian passports for 500,000 US dollars (284 million FCFA) paid to NSWF, and 50,000 US dollars (28 million FCFA) per passport for family members.

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The announcement was made by PM Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, who is also Finance Minister, in his 2018 budget speech. The Economic Development Board is to manage the scheme, and applicants will have to satisfy defined criteria.

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