Visible Political Motivation


Keen observers of the political game in the country can come to terms, at least now, with one thing; that the interest shown to the process by all and sundry is growing by the day. Visibly, since the convening of the electorate for the October 7, 2018 Presidential poll, the lukewarm attitude hitherto characteristic of the political process in Cameroon is fast giving way.

Proof is that for some time now, many people especially party supporters, have been multiplying strategies to push through their choice candidate in the upcoming election. Gone seems to be the days when aspirants for the coveted post of President of the Republic would wait on government to dish out statutory campaign money for them to begin field work.

Gone also seems to be the days when almost only the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement could mobilise funding right down to the party grassroots to assist the campaign of its flagbearers. Almost all the nine candidates vying for the country’s top job have shown proof of breaking the hitherto deadlock. And their efforts appear to be paying off.

For, there is visible political motivation from across the board. In fact, it is like each political party is striving to contribute as much as possible in their logical quest to propel their candidate to the limelight.

Without being exhaustive, the motivation of the population on the political game was made visible in the build up to the submission of candidatures for the election. One of the aspirants who sought and got contributions from all and sundry to make up the FCFA 30 million registration fee praised the population for ‘sacrificing’ for him.

It was almost unprecedented as people reportedly chipped in as little as FCFA 500. Mathematically, for this “widows’ mights” to have attained the required millions meant quite a good number of people subscribed to the idea and obviously believed in the one the party chose as candidate. Today, the operation is being pursued by many other candidates in a number of ways.

Fundraisings to support the campaigns of different presidential hopefuls are multiplying as official vote canvassing date approaches. Apparently, no candidate or party wants to be caught up in insufficiency. Obviously as a serious presidential aspirant with a well-drawn up manifesto cannot conveniently sell it to the population solely with State coughed-out funds.

Even if the funds could be sufficient, diversifying the sources and getting the people on whose interest the candidate is supposedly gunning for the highest office of land seems to be a logical strategy to some people. Willingly accepting to chip in contributions for the campaign of a presidential candidate, is telling of the population’s attachment to him and what he stands for.

This also entails a strong bond which could extend to governance, in case their candidate carries the day. Checks and balances could equally be made easier in such a scenario as the one who gets the support of a people or even ‘ruins their shoulders’ to rise should morally render justice to and be accountable to the electors who are simply yearning for better living conditions.

Hopes are therefore rife that the interest shown the process thus far would continue till ‘thy kingdom come.’ This passes through collecting voters’ cards and freely casting their votes on October 7. With this, the battle against voter apathy would be won and an acceptable President voted into office to suitably pilot the affairs of the country for the next seven years.



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