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Radiation Protection: Regulatory Agency Reviews Action Plan

The Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan is being scrutinized in a five-day workshop that. opened in Yaounde on September 3, 2018.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the National Radiation Protection Agency (NRPA) are reviewing Cameroon’s Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan for 2019-2021 in a workshop that opened in Yaounde, September 3, 2018. Dr. Augustin Simo, General Manager of NRPA, urged participants to identify loopholes in the previous action plan of the agency in order to flawlessly fine-tune the one being reviewed with the support of the IAEA and experts from Nigeria, Mauritania and the US.

Zephrin Anthanase Ouedraogo, the IAEA Nuclear Security Officer who represented the institution, noted though it is their job to help countries in the implementation of nuclear security activities, each nation has a responsibility to control the transportation, installation and usage of radioactive equipment on its territory. He disclosed during the opening ceremony that the IAEA is in Cameroon to facilitate the examination of six functional areas of its Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan (INSSP).

They include legislative and regulatory frameworks, threat and risk assessment, physical protection regime, detection of criminal activities targeting or involving equipment outside regulatory control, among others. Going by Dr. Augustin Simo, the first national Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plan was developed in 2013 with the help of the IAEA and in 2016, successfully implemented nuclear security measures during the Women’s AFCON which Cameroon hosted.

The country is going to host the 2019 AFCON and needs to show more commitment to the INSSP in order to continue receiving support from IAEA for nuclear safety and prevention of trafficking of nuclear materials. Dr. Augustin Simo said all proposals made at the end of the workshop after identification and prioritization of national needs will be taken seriously by government.



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