Food Price Hikes: Petty Traders Need Subsidies

Manifestations towards a trade fair to make available quality basic necessities at give-away prices are underway in Douala.


Traders commonly referred to as “bayam selam” have sounded their need for subsidies, in order to help low income households secure more foodstuff at reduced rates. The farmers, livestock and fish rearers, craftsmen and transporters made the assessment during a talk with the press, petty traders and other people from various walks of life in Bali, Douala, on October 19.

The call to subsidise foodstuff through material and financial support was made in prelude to the 4th National Exchange Forum between Bayam Selam and other Actors of the Informal Sector, FESABI, and a grand trade fair to hold in Douala December 9-13. “Subsidies are very important to enhance the purchasing power and living condition of many families,” Marie Mbala Biloa, Founding President of the Cameroon Bayam Selam Association, ASBY, pointed out in her keynote address.

The need to contribute towards subsidisation of prices by all and sundry, she noted, is traced to the recent hike in fuel prices which has affected, significantly, all sectors of the economy like production, transportation, transformation, and cost of public utilities. The purpose of the trade fair on the theme; “From the hoe to the pan: let’s consolidate achievement,” is to bring petit traders together with the goal of offering the public quality foodstuff at affordable rates.

Reason why there will be different kinds of food items on exhibition at the Camtel event ground in Bepanda, besides exchanges with foreign enterprise staff.  Ahead of the December rendez-vous, a march in the city, visit of inmates, holding of workshops on production techniques to modernise and render their activities profitable, effective business management, enhancing customer patronage, as well as sensitisation of the womenfolk on female reproduction will be held in the meantime.









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