ADD: Garga Haman’s Vision

The political programme of the candidate for the country is well defined in his book titled “Ainsi Pourrait Devenir Notre Pays.”

Garga Haman Adji, who is running for the position of President of the Republic on the ticket of the Alliance for Democracy and Development (ADD), has a well outlined political programme for the nation.

His ideas are found in his book written some years back titled “Ainsi Pourrait Devenir Notre Pays,” translated into English as “What Should Become of Our Country.” His political ideas for Cameroon are elaborated in three titles which he further subdivides into eleven points. With regards to political orientations, the ADD candidate gives his view points on the Constitution and State institutions.

The three-time presidential runner highlights the need for separation of power between the Legislative, Executive and the Judiciary. Going by his publication, he will respect and safeguard the Constitution which defines the basic rights and liberties of citizens from an individual and collective perspective.

The former senior state administrator says he will foster federation should he be voted into the Unity Palace. In summary, his political programme which he terms a humanist approach to politics seeks to stimulate and valorise the spirit of innovation and togetherness amongst citizens as an effort to bring out the most effective and efficient results.

His book equally proposes solutions to other sectors of the economy with the objective of ensuring the wellbeing of the population. The lawyer by profession talks of investing in agriculture, education and health amongst others to boost the economy.

He has a clear programme for the fight against corruption, promotion of good governance and guaranteeing a participatory approach to politics. “It suffices for you to vote for me and corruption will automatically be eradicated,” he has been repeating constantly within this campaign period.



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