Yaounde Omnisports Stadium: A Big Gift For Cameroonians

Many sports fans discovered the newly renovated stadium for the first time yesterday after several months of renovation work.


If Cameroonians have anything to be proud of as far as sports infrastructure is concerned, it is the renovated Omnisports stadium in Mfandena, Yaounde.

The stadium which was constructed for the 1972 African Cup of Nations football tournament now has a new facelift. The state of security, access into the stadium is assured. Supporters entered the stadium according to the colours of their tickets and badges. Special checks were carried out in all the entry points into the stadium. For many football lovers, it was a big gift offered by the Head of State to Cameroonians as could be read on messages “Thank You H.E. President of the Republic for the 2016-2019 Cup of Nations”.

Many sports fans discovered the newly renovated stadium for the first time since the worn and turnout stadium shot down several months ago for renovation. The stadium which has been entirely renovated for the 2016 Women’s AFCON meets FIFA standards. The parking lots that have been extended are now capable of containing 2000 vehicles during major sporting events.

The presidential lodge has been totally refurbished in marble. The turf has also undergone some changes, while the grandstands now have a capacity of 40,122 comfortable sitting places painted in national colours. At the  North wing of the stadium, two giant screens have been erected, four pylons of 60m high each carrying a total 240 projectors clarify the stadium and also enable matches to be played at night. Modern toilets and other facilities for different usage are all visible.

The press stand which is under the presidential tribune is among the major innovations. The stand is equipped with all modern commodities notably electricity, internet connection and telephone to facilitate the work of the media men. It is therefore in an all shining Yaounde Omnisport stadium that the different dance groups and fan clubs drawn from the nook and crannies of the country, kept the thousands of spectators spellbound for more than ninety minutes.





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