Kumbo: CPDM Militants Prepare Paul Biya’s Anniversary

Party members from all over Bui Division are putting everything in place to ensure success on November 6, 2016.


Ahead of celebrations to mark the 34th anniversary of President Paul Biya’s accession to power on November 6, 2016, militants of the CPDM party from the six Sections in Bui Division of the North West Region have begun holding preparatory meetings to ensure a hitch-free event.  In one of the meetings held on October 20, 2016 in Kumbo, militants expressed satisfaction with the manner in which party issues were being handled.

According to them, under the new dispensation, the party has become more democratic, with militants at liberty to express themselves. The Bui Permanent Divisional Delegation Chargé de Mission Number 2, Shwai Valentine Dubila, said much was expected from Section Presidents and aides as they are always on the ground. “The Permanent Divisional Delegation does not have much on the field, but depends on Section Presidents who manage militants. Much of our work is centered on the reports you submit to us on what is happening on the field. We have to invite people to celebrate with us on November 6 in the interest of the party,” Shwai Valentine Dubila said.

He called for teamwork from all as prerequisite for succeeding in the 2018 polls. “You know that we have no reason to fail in 2018. This is the more reason why we must work together as a team,” he declared. Hon. Kwei Andrew Mngo, Member of Parliament for Oku/Noni, called on party officials to build bridges and not walls. He said the time of fruitful scouting for militants was now and not on the eve of polls. “Let us bury the hatchet and heal the wounds left by past elections. Let us leave our personal egos and work together for our party to become stronger,” he urged.

A recent decision by the CPDM Party Chairman appointed Professor Daniel Lantum head of the Permanent Delegation in Bui Division. Other members include Senator Emma Lafon, former Minister Henry Tume Kibuh, retired Governor Fai Yengo Francis, SOPECAM’s Deputy General Manager, Dr Shey Peter Mabu, Professor Paul Tan and Shwai Valentine Dubila as Chargés de Missions.




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