Elf Junction, Where the Sun Never Sets

The neighbourhood is notorious in Douala.

Elf junction is a neighbourhood at the east entrance into Douala noted as a hub for prostitutes in Douala. All the businesses around the area turn around prostitution. Be it night or day, the bars around the area turn around the clock but activities are intense upon at night.

It is customary for every bar to have a bevy of girls who claim to be artistes, performing the songs of other artistes on the stages of the bars. However, the performance turns around pornography beginning from their dressing as they are either naked or half naked.

Their favourite dance styles are gesticulations suggesting sex. Behind the bars are brothels where clients are taken. The prostitute ei ther rents the room for the night or pays a certain percentage of her proceeds. The alcohol and women attract people to the area such that there is constant traffic jam around the area.

At night especially during weekends is such that even pedestrians find it difficult to make their way through the crow. Young men and hawkers hang around the gate, peeping through the fence at times to have a view of the musical shows.



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